Tuesday, August 26, 2008

things are just ducky around here!

the little hardware store in town sells ducks and chickens. all summer I've been waiting for indian runner ducks. (described as a bowling pin with legs) unfortunately, it's been a bad summer for ducks, i guess, and i finally gave up and purchased these Muscovy ducks. right now they're pretty darn cute, but they will grow up to be traffic stopping ugly! i'm not sure what possessed me to buy them, but since they were pretty cheap, i figured we could put up with all kinds of ugly. maybe they'll be so ugly they're cute. but already, dave has been heard to mutter something about how big they will grow, and that they are good meat birds. i'll have to guard them pretty closely, i see! for now, they're outside in a pen, but i'd like them to be free range, as soon as they are acclimated and a bit older. it can be A's job to feed them in the morning, and lead them to the little run-off puddle in the yard.
B and G think they are pretty cute!

already A is taking good care of them. M is holding the little yellow one, and A has covered her with the baby blankets.

late breaking news: the ducks now have names. the big dark one, which we think are hoping is the drake is Percy. the 2 little ones are salt and pepper.

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