Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i'm back! and with a thousand pictures, too!

we've been busy around here, but no more than usual, i guess. i don't really have a stunning and fabulous reason for not posting for almost a week. (as my MIL reminded me!) i'll just give you the quick visual run down. dave is laying the block foundation. this is the portion under the kitchen. he's anxious to get it done. *understatement*

making nice progress.

don't ask.

here we have the cement truck bringing us our final 2 yards of cement. it's for the back part of the addition- the footer, as well as the footer in the cistern. it took alot of cement, because dave had to partially fill up the cistern, to make a footer there. you can see in this picture that it is rather hazardous to get in the back door. it involves leaping over deep pits, precariously balancing on a plank, and tip-toeing over the joists, which are open to the cellar. (and you thought that i was exaggerating about that part?)

G built the form for the cistern footer, and here he is filling it with the cement.
back on the kitchen foundation again, and A is helping. she has her little spoon with cement.

sometimes she'll play in the dirt pile, but she's not really into it. she has a little bulldozer thing, and when it got dirt on it, she wanted me to take it in the house and wash it off. i think she's missing the whole concept of playing in the dirt!

the back foundation is dry, and dave has started laying the block.

posing for nanny

here dave and G are putting on the sill, and face plate. (i think that's what they are called)

it's a tight fit, and A is helping to push it in. she wants to be right down in the ditch with her daddy and brother.

notice the insulation? a good thing for this house, as it did not have any when we bought it. (and no, i'm still not exaggerating!) i think this thing is called the face plate. i'll have to ask dave later.

G is adding still more insulation. (notice how that tiny little window over my kitchen sink is gone? i'm told the new one will be installed tomorrow) 1/2" insulation board, followed by 3/8" fan fold, followed by house wrap. notice how my house says LOWE'S LOWE'S LOWE'S LOWE'S all over? we're a huge advertisement for them. they should send money. lots of it. or at least advertise on my site!

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