Tuesday, May 20, 2008

we really did it!

a last minute study session on monday night. (ignore the date- M's camera is not set right)

our happy little mascot!

all this studying finally paid off! we got 5th place in the oral component, and 5th place overall!

just a little while ago we all got home from penn state, after spending 2 days there for the state envirothon competition. it feels like it was a long journey, but all that studying and nagging finally paid off!

the oral component of the e-thon was a scenario about the Appalachian trail, and the negative impacts from the variety of recreational uses. they had to come up with solutions to 2 critical recreational impacts, and how to implement those suggestions. they worked hard all week, brainstorming, preparing, researching and perfecting their speech and delivery. dave and i were able to go in with them into the room as they gave the speech in front of 6 judges. they did very well, with minimal nervousness, and answered the questions the judges had at the end very confidently and intelligently.

on tuesday (which was a very cold, damp, cold, rainy and cold day in state college) was the rest of the testing. dave and i spent the day in the car with B (which was not as bad as it sounds!) around 2pm, we bundled B up, and headed for the awards building. we met M coming down the hill, and she was a little discouraged (and alot wet and muddy!) and she told us that she didn't think they had done so well. i was disappointed, but knew that they had done their best. so off we were to wait until it was time to give out the awards.

first they announced the winners of the oral component. i was fairly confident that they had done well, but when the 10th place winner got a overall score of 92, i was a little worried! however, we were very pleased to receive 5th place, with a score of 95! for this achievement, we all received nice little fanny packs from REI, a $15 gift certificate, (even our little mascot got her own gift certificate!) and a trophy.

then came time for the real nail biting waiting. after what M had told me, i was no longer sure what to expect. they started announcing the winners one by one, starting with 10th place. our friends from snyder county got 9th, and we were so happy for them! then 8th, 7th, and 6th (another homeschooling team from westmoreland county) place were announced. i was just turning to M to say that we didn't get in the top 10 like we had hoped, when they said 5th place "union county homeschoolers" !!!!!!!!! we were shocked, amazed, thrilled and ecstatic! back up front for more picture taking, and more prizes- a wooden plaque, a bag, flash drive and disposable camera.

after we were home we made a few phone calls to brag and share the happy news with friends and family. maybe if we're lucky we'll be in the daily item. (we don't hold out too much hope for that after their lame article about the county competition.) so now life will get back to a more normal pace and expectations. we've had alot of things on hold, to give the kids time to prepare for e-thon. tomorrow morning it's nose to the grindstone. we've spackling to do, a dumpster to fill and a ditch to dig. no rest for the weary!

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