Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bradford county rocks!

this huge rock is the one that the boys decided needed to go in the pathway for the flower garden. i would have chosen a much smaller one, but they were determined!

the completed path- and it turned out very well, if i do say so myself!

we all spent the whole afternoon helping to pick rocks out of the garden

i'm astounded to see how many rocks we have around here- there are rocks everywhere! i remember that when we looked at this house last summer, that was one of the things i noticed. in the yard, around trees, nice pathways, random rocks lying about, rocks in the garden.... i will say, however, that most of them are really cool rocks. (and remember, i'm the one who goes on vacation and takes pictures of rocks, and brings buckets of rocks home!) also, some of our rocks are HUGE! like- mammoth rocks. even some of the ones that we've found in the garden are the size of a child's tricycle. so for the past several days, we've been "managing" our rocks. we helped dave with the tilling of the garden, and picked out wheelbarrows full of rocks, and the boys helped me finish the path for the shade garden in the front of the house. we also have more pathways planned as we complete some of the outside renovation work that needs to be done.

now, if only we could use our rocks to buy milk, eggs or peanut butter, we'd be set...

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