Friday, May 09, 2008

moving day!

our first "family dinner" in our new home and kitchen

M is getting settled into her room

N and G are ready for bed

D's corner (can you tell he likes the navy?)

you can tell it's official- the cat is asleep, and the baby is happy!

yesterday was the big day! after nearly 5 months, we moved into our "new" house. we had lots of help on both ends loading and unloading our truck. we pulled out of new berlin at 2:30, and by 6pm we were unloaded in monroeton. not too bad! now it just remains to unpack the 4,257 boxes scattered all over the house! that should take us 2 years at least. (i'm not exaggerating as much as you might think i am!) i was working on unpacking the kitchen most of the day. that is almost done. we are steadily making progress on the house, and every day is an improvement on the day before. it will go even faster now that we are living in the house, and can work on it more consistently.
so for now, we all have our work cut out for us. we begin the next chapter in our family story, building memories one day at a time. and remember- anytime you'd like to drop in, we'd be pleased to have you!

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