Friday, May 09, 2008

homeschoolers kick butt!

the union and Snyder county envirothon teams
micheal, daniel, nathaniel, matthew
miriam, paula, kelcie and barb
Tuesday was the regional competition of the envirothon, and my kids represented union county, as the union county homeschoolers. our friends were representing snyder county, as future hope. between the 8 of them, they beat (whooped) all other 292 public and privately schooled kids there. (a total of 56 other teams!)
it was alot of work preparing for this competition. there are 5 subjects to study- soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and a current issue, which this year was "recreational impacts on the environment". we started studying in january- mostly 1 hour a day. i will say, however, some of my students studied harder and more diligently than others! if you want more info about envirothon, you can go to there were definitely some grumblings in our house about the amount of extra work that is required to prepare for this, but after our homeschoolers sweep, every one is psyched again.
we won the top scoring prize in soils and current issue. future hope won in forestry (with a perfect score of 100!), wildlife and aquatics. each of our teams was the top scorer in our county. the overall score was tied at 468, and the tie breaker was current issue, so we took the top prize overall.
we are thrilled to be going to the state competition on may 19 & 20! there we will compete against 59 other teams- the best from each county will be represented. we have more work to do preparing, and we will need to prepare a speech on a given scenario. all this will take place on the state college campus of Penn state. we went last year, and the kids had a great time, so they are getting excited again.
I'm very proud of my kids- so bear with my proud mama bragging! they worked hard all year, and deserve alot of credit and recognition.

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