Saturday, May 24, 2008

flowers make me happy!

one of the saddest things for me about selling our home in new berlin was having to leave all my perennial beds. i had worked very hard for 7 seasons to plant flowers and trees all around the house, and to have flowers blooming from march to October. fortunately, i was able to divide many of my flowers prior to closing, and winter them in the garden of a dear friend.

even though we just moved in, and have tons of things to do, i feel the dirt calling to me "come plant something in me!" we were able to work outside on mother's day, and got a nice garden started, with a rock border and walkway, but i was unable to get back to it until just tonight. meanwhile, i have been fretting about not having enough flowers, so I've been "collecting" them in my travels- the church rummage sale, trading with a new neighbor, the master gardener's sale in towanda, the farmer's market, 2 flats of annuals at the greenhouse as a mother's day present and N, A and B got me peonies for mother's day as well. (can you see where i'm going with this?)

anyway- i have tons of flowers, and a HUGE variety. lupines, columbine, pansy, iris, johnny-jump-up, bleeding heart, mums, hosta, astlibe, sedum, lamb's ear, coreopsis, canna lilly, bachelor's button, mums- and on and on. i'm beginning to worry that i won't have enough places to put them all! M and G helped me this evening to plant the flower beds, and while we're not done, we made a big dent in the large flower pile that was out in the yard. there is a shade garden, and a full sun garden, too. M also was working on getting pots of annuals ready to spread around, full of pansies, coleus and petunia. they will be a bright spot as you come into the driveway.

Dave was just working on the front porch, putting in a new railing, and these two projects will really change the look of the house. it's very satisfying to work together to make our house into a home. one step at a time.

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