Wednesday, May 28, 2008

flowers make me happy- part 2

daddy and A work on the front porch railing.

D and A carefully lay rocks on the wall.

G brings us more rocks to choose from.

things have really been hopping around here. dave is working on putting a new railing on the front porch. that makes a big difference-even the mail lady commented on how nice it is! while we're all pleased with how nice it looks, the real reason we did it was to have a giant playpen for A! she's all over the place, but now at least we can keep her contained (locked in!)

this afternoon we worked on the flower beds again, and i can say that they are mostly done, for now. we finished with the rock retaining wall, and we're really happy with the way that it looks. we plan on working on the path, too, soon.

in fact, we're so satisfied with how the porch and flower garden turned out, that we're going to sit on the porch swing and admire it while sipping our lemonade. just don't tell dave that's what we do while he's at work!

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