Thursday, April 03, 2008

please hold...we'll be with you shortly

there is not much new news to report on the house, but i thought that I'd just jot a few things down, in case anyone is wondering what happened!

Dave has not been up for several weeks, since he and M just got back from a week long mission trip to Haiti. that went very well, and made a significant impact on them both. you'll be hearing more about that in a future blog. the "crew" will be up at the house next week.

right now the big hold up is waiting for Dave's job transfer, which we have not heard anything about. ideally, we'd like him to transfer several weeks (but no more than a month) before the family plans on moving. that way, he can get more stuff done, and have more time to do it. hopefully we'll hear something about his transfer soon!

the last time Dave and N were up there was a bit of a set back. someone (who shall graciously be allowed to remain nameless) put a hole in the roof. after some locally heavy rain, several pieces of drywall in the bathroom needed to be replaced, as well as in both hallways. quite discouraging, as the bathroom had the first coat of mud, too! Dave and N spent time ripping that out, and getting it ready to be re-hung. the roof, while disconcerting, is not that big of a deal. we planned on replacing it, but maybe not this soon. for now it is patched, and not leaking, so there is no urgent rush. we'll just put that project on the short list for this summer. Dave also worked in the kitchen, while N continued digging the ditch for the piping for the wood heater. i have not been up in a while, but I'm told that my kitchen is semi-functional ( in the most optimistic sense of the word!) there is a stove, dishwasher and sink. so with a few well placed tables for counters, and shelves for cupboards, I'll be set to go. of course this will all be temporary, until the foundational issues can be resolved.

I'm looking forward to the next time we can all go up to work on the house. we need to get back into the groove, and be encouraged with more progress. so until then...

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