Saturday, April 05, 2008

consider yourself warned!

yesterday was a milestone in our family- both D and N are licenced to drive! here is a picture of them after their proud moment. they both did really well, and passed on the first try, despite being very nervous. D got his licence, and N got his permit. this was the day that the nurses warned us about the day that we took them home from the hospital- "two boys; just wait until they're 16 and they both are learning to drive!" i seem to remember them also alluding to insurance rates going through the roof!

now that D has his licence, he of course thinks that he should be allowed to drive everywhere, (i think he would drive to the bathroom if it was possible!) despite the fact that he doesn't have a car. i see a few battles coming on that front before too long!

Dave now has one more teenager to teach how to drive- and this is another reason that I'm really thankful for him- i don't think that I'd be able to do that chore without major ulcers or hair pulling on my part. I've also heard the kids mutter that they'd rather Dave teach them, as he's much more patient, as well as calm, cool and collected. they've done some pretty hilarious "skits" imitating me in the passenger seat while they are driving. and since i have more grey hairs than I'd like to admit, I'll gladly leave that task to him!

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