Friday, November 28, 2014

sneak preview of some RSC goodness...

I pulled out all my (6½") crumb blocks- I needed to gather/audition 16 colors for the Color Wheel quilt that I want to make for in the sewing room.

I'm excited at how it's turning out so far!

now it's on to RSC14 quilt #4- these crumb blocks will be sashed with the Kona white. the "map" for the layout is from Rachel's blog and more specifically, the Bottled Rainbows quilt along.

I'm not sure that this can "technically" be included in my series of RSC14 quilts, but they are the crumb blocks that I made this year. I plan on making a quilt loosely based on Cheryl and Amanda's quilt in Sunday Morning Quilts. (and actually, it's really fitting that I make one of their quilts, since it was after buying this book that I was inspired and motivated to organize all my scraps and crumbs, and start using them instead of hoarding them!)
SO: that's 5 RSC14 quilts so far. I plan on making 7 of these quilts (all finishing somewhere around the 40" X 50" size, give or take...) I'd like to give one of the RSC14 quilts to each of my children (saving the Color Wheel quilt for myself). the next time all 6 are together and home (4 are grown, 2 are married, and 2 live on the west coast) I'll think of some fun way to distribute the quilts to each one of them. even though it will be quite awhile until they're all together again, i guess i should get busy!
PS: if any of my children just happen to read this post, and just happen to mention which quilt they like the most, it might just happen that you'll get the quilt you like the best...  just sayin'

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