Monday, December 09, 2013

making progress on those mysteries!

the second clue for Bonnie Hunter's mystery came out on Friday. (you can also see the progress of all the other beautiful quilts here. ) I was away for part of the weekend, but I managed to cut out my pieces before it was time to leave, and took along my trusty featherweight. so Friday night in the hotel, it was just me, my machine and good ol' HGTV for company. I got a bit done, but was tired from driving. also, I had already finished last weeks' clue #1. however, since this is my first mystery with Bonnie, I didn't realize What.A.Big.Deal.the.Mr.Linky.Is.  I love the alternate colors that others are doing- especially the ones with black/grey and teal. I would have loved to do other colors, but my stash didn't really allow for that- I was able to pull all the colors for the Celtic Solstice from my stash.

I've also been working on a carpenter's star. this week 3 friends came over, and we all worked on making one of these- mine was the smallest, and the brightest, too! it's almost done now, but this is the most recent picture at the moment.  
 last winter we received this junk magazine from our electric company. I don't think I even read it, but the colors on the front immediately caught my eye- and it's been hanging on my bulletin board in the sewing room ever since. recently it dawned on me that it would be perfect to translate it into a carpenter's star with all solids, and a black background. (Kona cotton, of course!) I'm very happy with how it's turning out. (and my daughter A tells me that she likes it very much, and would like it for her own...)

the carpenter's star quilt is actually the 4th quilt I've done in black/solids. (you can see my calendar quilt here.) the others I've not blogged about, but should really try to get those pictures up soon!


Cherry said...

Got to love those FWs! All my fabric had to come from my stash too. Have fun!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Lovely bright colors, it is so great when we can use up of the good thing about Bonnie's mysteries.

Anonymous said...

Now that's one great inspiration piece for your Carpenter's Star. Such good colors to work with! And lovely fabrics for your BH mystery as well. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

Dar said...

Your mystery blocks are looking great. I'm using my stash as well. Your Carpenter Star is wonderful and I love the color inspiration you found to test the colors.

Vireya said...

Your carpenter's wheel is fantastic! I love the solids on the black.

The mystery blocks look good too. I'm another one doing it all from my stash.

Andee said...

Clue two looks great as does your carpenetar star!


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