Monday, November 11, 2013

some of my favorite things!

what could possibly be better: quilting, a mystery, and using fabrics from my stash? Bonnie Hunter is starting a new mystery quilt Celtic Solstice . I've never done one of her mystery quilts before, but if you do a quick google search of images, you can see some of the spectacular quilts that others have made. (like here and here )
I'll be making the 75" X 75" quilt (111" square is just a tad bit too big, don'tchathink?). I'm excited about this for a couple reasons. now that the gardens are mostly done, I've had a bit more time for quilting- which I really enjoy. also, I'll be using fabrics from my stash, and ALSO Bonnie's quilts have TONS of TINY pieces, and since that is something that I would normally steer away from, I 'm looking forward to doing something different than what I would normally choose.
the mystery doesn't start until Friday, November 29, so you still have time to pull your fabrics and get ready. who wants to join me?

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