Saturday, March 31, 2012

still quilting- but with a broader audience in mind...

i never quite got around to working on #8 of Judy's UFO challenge. i did dig out my blocks, and also found/saved a few patterns that i might like to use as a springboard for my quilt design, but other that that: no progress to report on that design front.

however, i did think about some other quilty issues this month. namely, that i really have enough quilts. *gasp* did that really just come out of my mouth?

what i mean, is, that for the last 25+ years, I've been quilting. and quilting. and quilting. it can be fairly said that my family has at least one quilt from me. some have several. some have many.

and how many quilts do we really need? really?

sometimes i feel as if I'm being a bit too selfish, or quilting only to please myself, and satisfy the desire to quilt the latest idea I've had, or use that beautiful fabric that I've just (unnecessarily?) purchased.

i have blogged before about our church's sewing circle, Scraps to Wraps. the girls and i have been dedicated in attendance, and I've been working harder at keeping tops pieced ahead of the tie-ers. sweet baby B is bigger now, and gladly helps with the quilting whenever she can. and A is big enough to use the featherweight (almost all by herself) and seems to enjoy piecing as much as i do. (scroll to the bottom to see the adventures of her first pieced blocks.)

and recently, i was contacted by a friend of a friend, and asked if i and/or our group would be willing to piece tops for GAiN ~ basically a tangible way to show people that they are loved and important, and to give an opening to share the gospel.

this has led me to think more deeply about my reasons for quilting, and creating. i can relate to what Eric Liddell said during the 1924 Olympics: "God made me for a purpose... when I run, i can feel his pleasure."

I'm certainly not intending to sound all pompous and righteous, because (especially if you know me in real life!) I'm not! i fail regularly, and shockingly so. but, for all my imperfections and shortcomings, i truly desire to please God.

and one way that i can do that is to quilt ~ because God gave me the creativity and desire to do so, and I'd like to think that He is pleased with me ~ especially ~ when i use my talents to serve Him.

so, while I'll continue to quilt and teach regularly, i want more of my focus to be on quilting for others, and not just for my own pleasure.

below are a few of the *simple* quilts that i pieced for Scraps to Wraps this month.


AnnieO said...

Creativity is a gift--giving away things you've made is just as satisfying for the giver as the receiver most of the time! Settling on more of a purpose for your quilting is wonderful.

Dar said...

Quilting for others is one of the best incentives to keep making quilts. Quilters are the most giving people. Keep up the good work.

dianehobbit said...

So many quilters wrk together to support different charities. Keep up your good work, hopefully you will never run out of an excuse to quilt.

JCnNC said...

Recently I have started giving my quilts to be raffled off with by the non-profit organizations I support. Very rewarding to see the smiles and help raise the money they need. Thank you for sharing. Judy C

Becky said...

Love your comments about giving away quilts... most of mine are given to friends and family... I finally made a set for our home this year. I would love to get a quilting group going at our church but not enough women sew in this area (suburban Chicago). I pray about how to use my quilting gift more all the time.

Lynda said...

AS Project Linus rep for Leicestershire, England, I can see where you're coming from (not the God bit, but I'm sure you'll forgive me that). We have to do what we can to spread the love around, in whatever way we can. Hooray!


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