Wednesday, November 30, 2011

as if anybody is keeping track anymore... ('cause I know I'm not!)

i know, i know... it's been a busy month, and the quilt below is slightly cheating, but it's the thought that counts, right?
this quilt is further along than it was a mere 30 days ago, and I'll quickly complete it, as I'd like to have it as a Christmas gift.

some of the other things that I've been working on are this I Spy quilt. we had a free exchange at our local Ben Franklin (where i teach quilting classes) and this is the quilt that i made. it turned out MUCH BIGGER than i had in mind (but then again, most, if not all of my quilts do...) but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. the plan is to get it quilted for the little girls for their Christmas present.

I'm thinking that the I Spy quilt will make a great sick on the sofa, or traveling quilt, but some certain other people don't seem to share the same sentiment... those unnamed people shall be allowed to remain nameless... right, Dave?

finally, I've pieced all the blocks for our Friendship Quilters Calendar Quilt. i had a few stops and starts, and ended up making 5 of the blocks over, but now it's "done". below is the EQ5 drawing that is the final plan. (I'm not as good at tweaking the EQ5 as some others are, obviously.)

and the final drawing for this year: project #12! homespun 9 patch/snowballs. i really like the simplicity of these blocks, and i love the muted colors of the homespun. these are leftover blocks that our sewing circle had after piecing a quilt for our new pastor couple.

I'm not holding out much hope that i get this quilt top done this month, but maybe if i do it as a leaders/enders project, my chances will dramatically increase!


Katie said...

You've gotten that all done in a month? Sheesh - I feel like a SLACKER! I love the idea of the I Spy being a sick on the sofa quilt. Maybe I'll make one of those for myself...I don't even have kids!

Jo said... are a busy girl. I make my quilts all BIG too!

Heather said...

Looks to me like you're accomplishing a lot! Great job! One of my remaining UFOs I hope to finish in December is also a homespun. They look so cozy, don't they? Best of luck with your December projects!

JCnNC said...

Love all of your finishes - I love this challenge. Judy C

Alycia said...

Holy Buckets you've been busy. I think the I spy quilt will be a great couch/travel quilt. Maybe Dave thinks if you don't say sick on the couch - everyone will stay healthy???

Donna~~ said...

Congrats on all your finishes--you've been busy! Your I spy looks like it will be great fun, and I think your EQ layout is perfect! Good luck on December!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the stacks of plaid pieces ready to sew...enjoy!


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