Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the stove that started it all...

well, here it is! the stove that catapulted the summer kitchen to the top of our to-do list. it's a 6 burner propane stove, with 2 ovens, a griddle and a broiler. that should be enough cooking power to keep me out of trouble! (when it's hooked up, that is!)

last Wednesday we had a small crew come and help Dave and G pour the cement for the floor. actually, it was only Kyle and our pastor, Darryn. but it sounds so much more official to call them a crew, doesn't it?

Dave had much of the prep work done: rebar and wire on the bottom, and the ramps for the wheelbarrows to go over. (check out kyle showing off with his 2 wheeled barrow!)

darryn was a huge help, and he jumped right in there helping Dave smooth (skreet?) out the cement.

the whole thing went really fast and soon they were up to the little "front porch".

kyle ingeniously made a bull float from some lumber that was lying about, and before you knew it, the crew was ready to come in for some coffee and donuts-

... but not without taking a picture first!

of course, we had to let the girls immortalize their hand prints in the cement. another reminder how fast these two little girls of ours are growing up!

later that afternoon, just as the cement was starting to set up, Dave went out and brushed it with the push broom. we wanted to have a floor that was easily cleaned, but not so smooth as to be slick when it's wet. the "broom finish" on the floor is perfect for what we wanted.

B was so happy to help her daddy put on the cement sealer.

so for now, although it's far from done, the summer kitchen is quite functional. we just butchered our 11 turkeys this morning, and the job was so much easier and more efficient. (not to mention more professional looking for our customers!)


Dad said...

I'd say you had a fine crew !!
Anna & Betsy were there to give
moral support. I wish I could have
been there to help !!!
However I think they did a good job even if I wasn't there !! Ha Ha
I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it. You now have a place
to do all your canning & butchering
and not mess up the house.
Again I'll say they did a very
good job.

Milah said...

No question is a dumb question, right? Here it goes....will this kitchen have walls?

Jennifer said...

milah- no, that's not a dumb question! yes, there will be walls. about half the kitchen will be walled and sided to match the house. the front half, around the right side and half of the back will be covered, to provide more protection for the stove. that's just on the list of things that didn't quite get done yet.
thanks for asking- and stopping by!


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