Thursday, July 22, 2010

thursdays are almost my favorite day!

my routine for Thursday mornings has been to get up early and begin harvesting for our CSA boxes. i make the garden rounds and see what abundance we have to share with our families. much of the produce goes in the boxes, always making sure to have a good variety, and then some gets saved for farmer's market on Friday mornings.

this weeks abundance:

* sweet peppers (green and lilac)
* hot peppers
* white potatoes
* sunflowers
* catnip
* cucumbers
* red and white onions
* summer squash
* jalapeno jelly
* eggs
* green beans
* tomatoes

and the best part? all that fresh produce (no pesticides or herbicides) for $23!

and on another note: the jalapeno jelly seems to be a favorite with the family. if we continue at our current rate of consumption, I'll need to make well over 22 gallons of the spicy greenness!

mathematically speaking, that is!

1 comment:

Angie said...

I LOVE jalapeno jelly. LOVE is maybe even an understatement! :)

Those sunflowers are GORGEOUS!


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