Monday, February 08, 2010

every little bit counts...

A was so proud to help me lay out this quilt. i laid out the 4 patch blocks, and she filled them in with the larger, solid squares.

B helped a little, but mostly watched. (and bossed) A enjoyed this so much that we laid out another top as well.

here is the completed top, ready to go into church and be tied. hopefully we can catch the deadline for the MCC to get it to Haiti.

we also did the relief buckets. the girls helped me as we shopped at Dollar General, and we purchased enough stuff for 3 buckets.

the girls are too little to understand the magnitude of what happened in Haiti, but they are certainly old enough to understand when a family needs help.

they are eager to help, and we want to encourage compassion as much as we can; we want them to be little girls with a tender heart for serving others.

1 comment:

Milah said...

What good examples you are setting. They understand more than we realize. Blessings!


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