Saturday, January 23, 2010

January: Jesus in our hearts and home

it's hard to believe, but just one short month ago we were all in a flurry of preparations for Christmas. although the birthday of our Saviour has now come and gone, I want Jesus to be relevant in my daily life and activities.

it's not about "gearing up" for the holiday hub-bub, and then returning to life as normal. or, at least for me and my family, i want the worship and anticipation to continue.

our family (read: me) collects nativity scenes. all these this month are from my brother Josh and his wife Christina. (the wooden one even hails all the way from Greece. as in- they bought it there!)

every month, on the 23rd, I'll be posting another selection from our collection. just as a reminder to myself of what i want to remember every day; and what i want to teach my children above all other things:

that Jesus came at Christmas time, to die for our sins at Easter time. that every day i will serve Him and love Him. with all my heart, soul and strength.

join me in remembering.

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