Friday, January 29, 2010

i don't think he's going to be wearing this anymore...

recently Dave started drywalling upstairs. or more accurately, we started the 17 projects that need to be done before Dave can start drywalling upstairs.

one of those projects was assigned to me: cleaning out the attic.

back when my 4 older children were all small and we lived in a tiny house with an outhouse, wringer washer and cook stove, i had lots of time to knit sweaters for all of them.

i made G this really cool elephant sweater, which he loved. i gave it to him for his 3rd birthday.

when i came across it in the attic recently, i passed it down to A. she seems to like it just as well as her older brother did when he was 3!

1 comment:

Angie said...

That's awesome!
I would love to hear more about your days of the out house, wringer washer and cook stove. I find it very fascinating!


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