Thursday, January 01, 2009

my OTHER source of income

unless you live under a rock, or maybe just fell off the turnip truck yesterday, I'm sure you've heard that the economy is in the you-know-what. just like many other Americans, things have been a little tight around here for us, too.

Christmas this year was wonderful, and in the interest of not spending overly much, or encouraging blatant consumerism and greed, we gave everyone just 3 gifts, in honour of the 3 that baby Jesus received- gold, frankincense and myrrh. this went over very well, as everyone really liked their gifts- each of which was well thought out and meaningful.

one of my gifts to myself Dave was an electric blanket. it can still get downright nippy around here at night, since we're still working on finishing all the insulation. i thought it would be nice to give him a warm blanket, as Dave really hates to be cold at night.

you can see that he really likes his blanket- and it wasn't the QUILT that he was expecting. the blanket even has dual controls, and an automatic turn-off, so we don't need to wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, wondering if it's going to burn the house down! anyway... i put it on the bed, and the first night i turned it on before i got in the shower, and by the time i got in bed, it was nice and toasty warm. it was wonderful! beyond wonderful. almost too wonderful to describe.

and that's when i had another Brilliant And Spontaneous Idea. for the mere sum of $2 a night, i will rent out my Dave's blanket to any of the children that would like to use it. what a bargain! so far i haven't had any takers, but there's still alot of winter left! (although i guess i should take whatever income i get from renting out my Dave's blanket, and put it in a Pay The Exorbitant Electricity Bill Fund.)

and on another happy note, G's gift to Dave was this Ask Alice mug. Dave really likes this gift, too, and the mug is very popular- it's either being perpetually used or washed. (and not necessarily by Dave, either!)

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