Thursday, December 04, 2008

pig farming? not so much.

the pigs have been growing nicely, and between N, A and I, we've been caring for them and managing them diligently. just last week, G helped me move their pasture to the final, and largest part of the field, where they are happily rooting for grubs, roots and worms.
that is, until this afternoon.

apparently, the solar charger does not work so well on cloudy, overcast days. (go figure!) so, even though the fence is hot, the pulses can be up to 10 seconds apart. and since pigs are so smart, they've quickly figured that out, and have gotten out. twice. today.

what the sam hill am i supposed to do now? this does not fit in well with my genteel imaginings of raising sweet pork from happy pigs.

Pig and Spot are now wondering all over, just rooting and snorting about. pretty much what they could be doing DOWN IN THEIR FENCE, but they are just doing it up here by the house, adding to my already overwhelming number of grey hairs.

my imagination is running rampant, envisioning numerous horrific things that could happen:

#1- they could be hit by a giant, speeding tractor trailer. not even any bacon left to scrape up!

#2- they could root up my shrubs and flowers

#3- they could get lost in the woods

#4- they could drown in the creek

#5- they could walk over the bridge into town

#6- they could get hit by a car, and make my home owner's insurance skyrocket (would that even be covered?)

#7- they could be mistaken for a deer and shot

there really is nothing that i can do right now- every one is gone, and it's hard to herd pigs by yourself. so I'll just pace in front of the windows, trying to keep tabs on where he pigs are, and what they are doing.

check back in later- maybe we'll be having a pig roast. consider yourself invited. wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt, bring an apple, and come on over!

PS- my trepidations were realized! the pigs were up at the house rooting up my flower gardens and shrubs! I'll tell you what- if they root up my purple lupine, there will be you-know-what to pay!

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