Saturday, October 18, 2008

current project #2, or i never thought that i'd be raising pigs!

the pigs are coming along nicely, and I've been busy managing them, with lots of help from N and advice from dave. we got a solar powered electric fence, and one afternoon last week, while the girls were sleeping, i installed it in their temporary cage, just to train them about what it was. i was even able to install it all myself! with no help from dave! and considering that i know just about nothing about electricity, i was very proud! i wasn't sure if it worked, until one of the little piggies came out of her house, nosing around to see what it was that i had been doing! and wouldn't you know, she touched the fence with her nose, squealed to high heaven, and dashed back into her house, shuddering, and refused to come out until i left! after leaving them there for 24 hours, i got busy, with N's help again, and made a new spot for them down in the bottom field. that was pretty painless, too, and the pigs are very happy. they can root, grunt and lie about in the sun to their hearts content. and get fat, and make sweet ham.
here N is helping me run the tape around the fence. their pasture is about 25' square. their little house is in one corner, so they can sleep inside at night. during the day they like to hide in the high weeds.

now the pigs are in the pasture, and happily rooting.

here they are digging into the table scraps that we save for them. they really like those scraps! they'll fight and shove each other to make sure to get what they want. i put the pigs down there for several reasons. first, they will have lots of room, and plenty to eat. we just give them corn and pig grower in the morning, and scraps in the evening. also, this wonderful bottom land is where i plan on having a huge garden next year. I'll only be able to plant root crops, as the deer and coons would eat whatever else i planted. but I'll put in potatoes, onions, carrots (I'll cover the tops with chicken wire), pumpkins, garlic and winter squash. the pigs will root up all the weeds and stuff, and help prepare and fertilize the soil for next spring. and i named the pigs, too. spot and pig. see the one with the spot on her back? that's pig. the other is spot.

and here's me, the happy pig farmer. you can tell that i a real farmer, because of the boots i'm wearing. so- if you're anywhere near northern pa, and want to buy a pasture raised pig, just let me know. I'll be raising lots more pigs next year, and happy pigs make the best pork!

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