Saturday, October 18, 2008

current project #1

this week,dave got all fired up about replacing the roof. eventually, we will do the whole house, but since there were a few days of nice weather, he decided to tackle the back half of the addition- with the help of N and G.

first they ripped off the bottom 4 feet of the shingles, and replaced the sheeting, as well as trimmed and straightened up the over hang, replacing that face board. the air nailer sure makes that job easier, but they will have to nail all the shingles by hand. bummer!

here they've started bright and early ripping off the old roofing. dave discovered that the original roofing from 120 years ago was still on- along with another 3 layers of roofing that had been placed right over that! so there was alot of old roofing to remove, but they just threw it right onto the trailer, ready to go to the dump sometime next week.

all the old roofing is off, and now they are preparing to lay down the tar paper. they also took off some of the old clapboard siding, and replaced that with new sheeting as well. since the whole house will be re-sided in the spring, it wont' matter that it doesn't match right now.

N and G laying down the tar paper. this is the view walking up from the field, where the pigs are. that whole hillside is naturalized day lilies. it looks really nice about July when they are all in bloom.

unfortunately, the whole job came to a grinding halt, due to darkness, and rain. but next week they'll all be back up there, helping to make our home a little warmer, and much nicer to look at!

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