Monday, August 04, 2008

gardening with the jolly green giant

welcome to today's post- i'm posing as the jolly green giant, in case you couldn't tell! (A took this picture, btw) i should consider using this particular angle in all the pictures of me. it does wonders for my *girlish figure* ahem... our garden is doing pretty well. we have potatoes coming along nicely, and one of my favorite things is to put on a pot of water, and then go out and dig potatoes. A loves to help- it's like a treasure hunt to find all the potatoes. then we bring them in, and after scrubbing them, drop those babies into the boiling water. less than 20 minutes from garden to belly- it doesn't get any better than that. yummy with butter and sour cream!

we still don't have tomatoes- due to the northernness of our county, but we have loads of green tomatoes. i can only hope that they will have time to ripen before the frost! but meanwhile, we have peppers, squash and cucumbers. yesterday we had guests for lunch, and i was able to serve food that we had grown ourselves- almost the whole meal! we had a yummy crock pot chicken recipe,

new potatoes with butter and sour cream, and a wonderful medley of fresh veggies- peppers, garlic, onions, summer squash and zucchini, with canned stewed tomatoes. there was also fresh herbs- basil, chives and lemon basil. i got the recipe here. however, i didn't serve it over noodles, and i didn't have fresh tomatoes, cream, arrowroot or thyme. so it really wasn't that at all, just sort of loosely based on it. but golly, it was goooooood! you should try it!

I'm really enjoying that i can go out into the garden and harvest things for my family to eat- it' s very satisfying to be able to announce at the table "hey guys- we did this! as a family!" plus, it makes me feel all old-fashioned pioneery and frugal!

it's rewarding (and delicious) to eat the fruits of our labor!

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