Sunday, August 03, 2008

and just when we thought we were running out of things for them to do!

on friday we had a tri-axle load of wood delivered- about 6 cords worth. it will be enough to get us through the winter, with some to spare, hopefully! we have an outdoor wood furnace- a woodmaster 4400. the principle of an outdoor wood furnace is that it heats your home with wood, (duh!) but the stove, and more importantly THE MESS, is outside. the stove has a large water jacket surrounding the fire box. the water is heated, then pumped into the house, through the heat exchanger, and then upstairs through the hot water baseboards. so, we'll have a nice and toasty warm house, without all the expense of fuel oil. even though this load cost us $700, that is much cheaper than it would have cost to fill our fuel oil tank at the old house even once! i have a handy-dandy chart that i can use to compare different kinds of heating options, to see which would be more cost efficient. (you can find something similar to it here ) dave will cut all the wood into lengths, and the boys will be working at splitting and stacking it all. in addition to saving tons of money, we're also proving the old saying "he who heats with wood warms himself twice!"

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