Monday, July 21, 2008

he's a window kind of guy- but that's Mr. Glazier to you!

work was rolling right along today, when we got an afternoon rain shower. N asked dave if he could replace the window next to his bed, since when they had torn out the plaster and lath, over half of the window panes were broken, and the rain would come onto N's bed. so off dave went to do that little project. it went fairly smoothly, as much as could be expected, and with the house wrap that dave used to surround the window, he's very happy with the way it turned out. and it sure is nice to have quality windows that open and close properly, as well as full screens to keep out the bugs! and i still say that we should get some sort of monetary compensation for all the positive exposure we give to Lowe's and their products!
this is the view from the bridge. dave was so happy with the way it turned out, that he just kept right on going, and did the window in M's room, too. you can almost see it behind the giant cedar tree.

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