Friday, July 04, 2008

Guest Friday - The best yet.

Guest disclaimer: With only 5 minutes warning, I will try to make this as intelligible and interesting as possible.
This is G, and I will be your guide tonight.
The past couple of days, my assistant [N] and I have been ripping out the plaster and lath of the room that we share with D, and the sitting room. As we have already posted much on a related subject, I will spare you the details of how it is a dusty, dirty, filthy, annoying, Black Lung inducing job. (Oops.) Anyway, it's going pretty smoothly, and we got a lot done in the four days that we have worked. All the plaster is down and tossed out the window into the trailer. Most of the lath is cut into sections and taken off the walls into (mostly) neat piles, ready to be taken to the woodpile. We should be able to finish in about two days.

So, hoping that more than 7 people read this,

editors note: just wanted to interject my two cents that i envision their job being done in only one more day! but i concur with my honored guest- they are working very hard, and doing a good job! (also, i invited him to be my guest this morning, but he forgot!)

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