Wednesday, June 25, 2008

it almost makes it worth it!

I've come up with an idea to save money on groceries that has been working well for our family. when i go shopping, i buy enough milk to last us 8 days. we mark it for the appropriate day, (that way the milk really does last that long!), and i theoretically don't go grocery shopping again until we've run out of milk. I've been doing this for several months now, and i can honestly say that it's really cut down on my running to the store for every little thing. especially with groceries being so expensive around here, that can make a big difference in our budget! it works for me!

if you want more great tips on what works for other moms, on all kinds of topics, head on over to shannon's site. every wendesday she hosts "works for me wednesday" (WFMW") and you'll find lots of great ideas- and something sure to work for you!

A is so cute with this little cart- it almost makes me want to go grocery shopping more! she loves to put stuff in the cart- apples, cookies, more bananas, yogurt... on and on. i really have to watch her- no telling what we'll end up with!


Mom2fur said...

That's a great idea, shopping around the need for milk. Really, isn't milk the big reason we go to the store? It's where that whole "Got Milk?" ad campaign came from.
Your daughter is adorable!

texasknights said...

I could do this. I make excuses for not saving more on groceries but this does not involve a lot of time. It seems like it just might save a little of that too!

The Momster said...

I really like your idea-- It would cut down on a lot of little trips here and there.


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