Saturday, May 24, 2008

forward progress at last!

we've lived here for over 2 weeks now, and the mess is starting to get to me. every room is torn up, with furniture haphazardly arranged, and miscellaneous extension cords snaking everywhere. there are alot of things that i can't do, like electrical, plumbing and carpentry- but i can finish and paint drywall! i want to do as much as i can- dave is only one person, and he works really hard. i don't want him to begin to feel that he has to do all this work himself. so i decided to start in the school room, and see if i can't get that room done as much as possible. the other day we pushed all the furniture to the middle of the room, and started with the spackling. that went alot better than i thought it would. and i'm definitely getting better at it! (and i've even figured out how to do the corners so they don't look too bad!) the boys helped, and we've been working really hard on this room, and the hallway for the last 3 days, and were able to get it to the point where it is ready to paint. i have the primer coat on, and tomorrow i will go to lowe's to get the rest of the paint for the walls and trim. it feels really good to get this done, and i'm looking forward to having a room that is more livable, and less messy! we'll just keep plugging along, going room by room, and every day, week and month the house will get better and better. it's kind of exciting to think of what we can all do together!

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