Thursday, May 01, 2008

down to the wire!

well, we're one week and counting! hard to believe that it's almost here! I'll be glad to move, and finish the transition that we've been working on for almost 6 months now. Dave has been up at the house for the last 3 weeks- his transfer went through, and now he works at the Sayre Lowe's. ( i may have mentioned that.)

we were up at the house yesterday, doing some last minute stuff. N and i worked on cleaning some more, and moving stuff into storage areas, instead of in the main living area. that in itself makes a big difference! we also cleaned some more floors.

Dave and N re-hung the drywall in the bathroom, and Dave has set the goal of having the bathroom basically ready to paint when we move in. he's got the toilet and sink up and running (we got a new septic tank this week) and the bead board is also up. i also took up all the bathroom hardware for him to install, as well as buying the paint while i was at Lowe's- a lovely blue dusk color.

we also finished hanging the drywall in the back living room. that's not an easy task, since the house is nowhere near level. one piece was a parallelogram! but Dave is very patient and methodical, so it fit nearly perfectly! there is one more wall in the front living room to drywall, but unfortunately that will have to wait. I'm a little disappointed, as i really wanted to have that done, but it's not the end of the world.

Dave has been fishing alot during his breaks. last night he called me and told me about his latest fishing adventure. seems he was fishing for trout, but there were so many pesky small mouth bass biting that he never even had the chance to catch any trout! he caught 6 bass in 10 minutes! N has bought himself a fishing license and pole, and he's eager to catch some fish, too. we tease him that he's spoiled for life for fishing. a few years ago when we were camping at little pine state park, he caught a 20" rainbow trout! it was so big that it was pulling the canoe, and dave was sure that he had snagged a tree trunk or something!

anyway... right now i'm trying to "catch up" on my scrap booking. i know that when we move, there will be no opportunity for that until at least the fall. I'd like to do a little more in B's baby book today, and then that's it. just last night i finished scrapping the story of the renovation of the high street house. i used one of creative memories pictfolio albums. that was certainly worth the little bit more money. it came with journaling cards and mats, and it was very quick and painless. i would definitely recommend one if you'd like to make some quick progress on a specific event. one thing though- if you are one of those people who never takes a vertical picture (all the pictures you shoot are horizontal) this album would not work for you. on each page there is room for 10 pictures- 6 horizontal and 4 vertical.

so now a large part of my life is putting things in boxes. that is, after i've run all over creation to find some. we're becoming acquainted with the state liquor store people- we show up regularly to beg for their boxes! weis' is stingy, and won't give any out, but wal-mart does. just in case you wanted to know.

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