Wednesday, April 02, 2008

how old are you? a quick on-line quiz

if you've been wondering if you qualify as "old", you can take this short quiz and alleviate any lingering doubts.

#1- do you find yourself ripping up small cardboard cartons (i.e. mountain dew cases) into smaller bits so they don't fill the garbage can as quickly?
#2- are the only rides that you still enjoy at Knoebel's the Grand Carousel and Antique Cars?
#3- does practicing parallel parking with your son give you a stomachache?
#4- does the loud, repetitive music from aforementioned son give you a headache?
#5- does watching your teenage sons dancing the YMCA make you feel old?

if you answered yes to more then 2 of those questions, I'm afraid that i have bad news for you. you are either already old, or gaining on it quickly! I'm appalled to admit that I've experienced all of these warning signs- most within the last week! however, of some small comfort to me, my husband received in the mail (just the day before yesterday) a membership application the the AARP! ha- there is justice in the world!

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